A Tale of Two Survivors

Ryan Bardellini1.jpg
Nearly one year later: After surviving headfirst fall from moving vehicle and deadly brain injury, Zionsville teen thrives thanks to surgery, therapy and miraculous recovery

Ryan Bardellini of Zionsville was a high school senior who enjoyed fencing and was living life on cruise control with his mind set on graduation, having received acceptance letters from every college he applied to attend. But all of that came to a screeching halt last Thanksgiving weekend when he fell headfirst from a moving vehicle, resulting in a fracture that split open the middle of his skull. Read more...

With a Mini-Marathon as Motivation, Paul Peaper Walked Towards a Miracle TBI Recovery

It was the morning of January 27—just 8 months ago—when Paul Peaper climbed a ledge in a building on his family’s produce farm. While his memory ends there, he now knows he fell 12 feet off the ledge to the concrete floor, hitting his head and back. Fortunately, he was quickly transported to the Level 1 Trauma Center at IU Methodist where he would spend almost 3 weeks in a coma with his wife Carleen by his side. Read more...